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My red, red blood (2011)

Performance of My red red blood by Greg Fox and Elie Keszler, Bard Center for Curatorial Studies, 2017

My red, red blood (2011) is an installation/performance work for video and live musicians. It was originally commissioned by Ny Musikk (Norway) for Ensemble Neon (Oslo)  in 2011 as a score, and premiered later that year by Ensemble Neon. It was next exhibited  in 2017 as part of the solo exhibition "After Notation," curated by Lisa Long, at the Bard Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, and has also been widely performed by Heloisa Amaral and Karin Hellqvist as a duo. The performance associated with that exhibition featured drummers/percussionists Greg Fox and Eli Keszler. The work is also slated for performance later in 2017 as part of Cycle Festival in Reykjavik.

From the CCS Bard catalogue: My red, red blood begins with a recorded reading and re-writing of the text USO: I'll Be Seeing You by New York-based poet Kim Rosenfield. A parable on performance and service, Rosenfield's long-form poem appropriates language from a website by an American “USO” entertainer, who discusses his travels abroad, performing comedy sets to US military personnel. Projected on a transparent screen, suggesting a stage or staging area in the gallery, My red, red blood doubles as a reading of Rosenfield’s elliptical text and a score, calling upon viewer and performer alike to negotiate its dense assemblage of elements. These encompass sound (composed sound, sampled sound, field recording), still and moving image, drawing, and language.

'My red, red, blood' , 2011, video-score excerpt with live performance by Ensemble Neon, Oslo, 2011.