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Cannons (2010)

Cannons is a 3-movement work from 2010 composed for four large, resonating ‘bass cannons’—steel pipes fitted with subwoofers—2 oversized horn-and-driver pairs and ensemble (percussion, viola, cello and the composer on turntables) in resonant space.. The original cannons were fabricated from local steel by J T Pegg and Sons, Snape Maltings, and were graduated in size from 1 meter to 7 meters long. They were capable of reproducing bass frequencies with unusual fidelity and could be experienced vibrating at the threshold of the physical and the aural at close range by audience members and performing musicians alike. The concert portion of the work was approximately 30 minutes. Cannons was commissioned by UK festival Faster Than Sound, and has also been produced in Australia at the Midlands Railway Workshops, by Ensemble Decibel and Festival THNM/Tura New Music.

Link to video: The Wire Magazine/ Parallel Lives: Marina Rosenfeld