GREATEST HITS: A Reproduction (2016)

Greatest Hits: A Reproduction was originally conceived for the Guggenheim' Museum's rotunda as part of the evening "Moholy-Nagy: Optical Sound" in July, 2016. The work draws on Marina Rosenfeld's prolific history producing acetate test-pressing records, or dub plates, since the late '90s. With drummer Greg Fox as co-interpreter, the composition spins an intricate web of musical instructions from an archival playlist of Rosenfeld's recordings (See Turn of My Century/Dub Plates and Test Pressings, 1997-2014), translating each entry back into instrumental notation. The resulting score mediates between reproduction and live event, generating waves of color, repetitions and noise from a collision of data and chronologies. 

More recent performances of GREATEST HITS, have featured Eli Keszler and Greg Fox as dual interpreters, at Qubit (see Events 2018) and PS1.


[Video coming soon]